Using Advanced Banners

Version 4.0 and higher
Version 4.0 supports adding advanced banners, text links, and products.  An advanced banner is one where you specify the full HTML for the banner, link or product.  An advanced banner could be a Flash banner, HTML form or Ad, JavaScript banner, etc.

To add an advanced banner...

  1. Log into the Affiliate Wiz Administration area.

  2. Click Banners then choose Add/Edit Advanced Banner

  3. Enter a descriptive name for the banner.

  4. Categorize this new banner by selecting the appropriate category.

  5. Enter the full HTML code for your banner.  The code must contain [AffiliateWizTargetURL] in order for clicks to be tracked and in order for affiliates to get credit for the sale.

    Example:  Suppose you are entering a simple image using an IMG SRC HREF tag.  An example would be:

    <a href="[AffiliateWizTargetURL]"><IMG SRC=""></a>

    Note there is no URL in the above HTML.  Rather, the URL was replaced with [AffiliateWizTargetURL].  The actual URL is placed in the Target URL field.

  6. Enter the target URL for this particular banner.  The Target URL is the URL where a person is taken when clicking the affiliate banner.   Use ##AffiliateID## if you wish to pass AffiliateID to web site.  For example:
  7. Enter the width and height of the advertisement in pixels.  For example, for the standard 468 X 60 ad you would enter a value of 468.
  8. Enter any optional message to your affiliates.  When your affiliates are browsing the banners to display on their web site, these notes are presented along with the banner.
  9. Click Add New Banner to insert the banner.
Version 2.0 and Higher

Version 2.0 and higher of Affiliate Wiz includes support for Static Advanced banners.  An advanced banner could be a Flash banner, HTML form or Ad, JavaScript banner, etc.

To add an advanced banner...

  1. Log into the Affiliate Wiz Administration area.

  2. Under Banners, click Add Adv.

  3. Enter a description and select a category.

  4. Copy and paste the FULL code for your advanced banner.  Be sure to use the complete URL's in this code as your Affiliates will be using this code on their own web site and the URL's must point to your server.

  5. If you would like to track the Clicks, you must place the following in front of the Target URL and must include the proper capitalization as well as the leading "[" and ending "]".

    As an example suppose your advanced banner was a simple HTML banner as shown below:

    <a href=""><img border="0" src="myimage.gif"></a>

    To track clicks, the above code would be changed to:

     <a href="[AffiliateWizTargetURL]"><img border="0" src=

  6. Specify all remaining information, then click the Add Advanced Banner button to complete adding this new banner.


Special Notes
  • Regarding Advanced Banners which Post Form Information: If your advanced banner contains a form that posts information, Affiliate Wiz will retrieve this information and send the information in the QueryString.  As a result, your page that analyzes this information must be designed to accept this information from both a form and the querystring.  For example, use REQUEST("ParameterName") rather than REQUEST.FORM("ParameterName") to accept information from both the form and querystring.
  • Regarding Impressions Tracking:  Impressions are tracked by tagging a hidden image to the end of the advanced banner code.